The FAQs

Is there accommodation to sleep all of our guests within walking distance?

We can sleep 28 guests here at Deans Court, and we are a two-minute walk from the town centre which has hotels, B&Bs and guest houses. Click here for some of our favourites.

Can guests park at Deans Court?

Yes - guests can park in the paddock just over the bridge, where there is space for 150 cars. If the paddock is too wet to use, guests will be directed to park at the front of the house, here there is space for around 30 cars. Cars can be left overnight, we just ask they cars are collected by 11:30 the next day, access to pick up cars is via Deans Court Lane. Click here for directions.

Will the marquee be cool/warm enough?

The marquee is actually in a nicely shaded area, so the sun does not beat down on it all day - and we can roll up one side if we need to. Also the marquee is double lined, so it keeps it’s warmth in the evening (especially with all those bodies dancing!) Touch wood - we’ve never had a problem - but if you are concerned, we can help you hire marquee heaters.

What are the bar and music end times?

We have a license to play music until 11pm, and to serve at the bar until 11:30pm.

I have another question…

Please get in touch: / 01202 849314