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We are looking forward to working with you to Deans Court. Hopefully the below FAQs will help with your plans … but if you need any more info, please get in touch.

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Supplier FAQs

Can I make a recce visit?

Yes, but these are strictly by prior arrangement and usually only once per supplier – preferably in the week preceding the wedding.

How do I get there, and am I able to park?

Please arrive via Deans Court Lane (BH21 1EE) and if the gates are closed, ‘buzz’ for ‘Events’.
When you go through the gates, follow the gravel path around to the left, and head straight on to the large ‘stable yard’.
If needed, call (01202) 849314 option 1 for specific instructions.
If you are going to the marquee, follow the gravel path straight past the stable yard, and you will arrive at the marquee.

What facilities will you provide me with?

It depends on what you are here for… You will have access to power, water (for the florist) and a stage (2.4m x 3.7m).
If needs be, speak to your client regarding getting yourselves added to the catering.

We’re a band and we need somewhere to change … is this provided?

Sadly, given that we are in a marquee with just the ‘party side’ and ‘kitchen side’, there is greenroom we can offer.
We will try to be as accommodating as possible, but we only have what we have.

Will I have access to a secure storage room?

Unfortunately not – could you leave any valuables in your vehicle?

Will I have access to power?

Yes. And if you are a band, you will have as standard 4 x 3 pin domestic sockets on a 16amp main.
If you need more, this can be arranged – let us know.

Are there any time limits?

Yes – unfortunately we have to be particularly strict here.
Music must end at the licensed time (11pm), and if this does not happen, your power may be cut.
Music should also begin to ‘wind down’ from 30 minutes prior to the terminal hour.

Do you have a sound limiter?

No – but nevertheless, we do need to be respectful of our neighbours.
Remember, we are in a marquee, often with a side fully rolled-up, so the sound can travel far.
To date, we have had no major issue with noise, and hence have not been instructed to install a sound limiter …
… and like many bands/DJs, we would like to keep it that way !

Is there anything else you need from me?

If you consider your work to be of greater than ‘negligible’ risk, please complete the Risk Assessment (template available on request) and send a copy to, together with a copy of your insurance certificate, and other relevant paperwork.

Am I included in the catering?

You’ll need to agree this with your client, but of course we will be happy to oblige.

Who can I speak to at Deans Court?

Events Management Team
01202 849314 (Option 1)