Private Tours

house & Gardens

The tour brings to life the 1,300-year story of a manor house at the centre of a rural English community. Beginning with an introduction to the history of the house and the Hanham family, visitors are guided through the rooms where 500 years of ancestral portraits still grace the walls. Visitors will experience the history of the house as it passed from the Saxon Church to a family of adventurers, politicians, churchmen and soldiers, before being led round the ancient grounds and walled kitchen garden.

These in-depth private tours of house and garden are well suited for special interest groups, all year round. Lasting approx. 1h 45m, these tours can be tailored to the interests of the group.
Prices £15pp, minimum 15 people.
Parking provided.

Enquiries & Booking: 01202 849314 |


We also offer shorter public tours, approx. 1h 20m, on certain days during the summer. Click here for details on Public Tours.

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